Should I drop my plan and change my location back?


around 1 year ago I quit my job . Which was in a metro city and changed my location to a small city(my hometown) to start my business. and according to me for starting a business we should have 3 things (this i read somewhere on this site)

there are three major things:

a) team (rock stars, fully committed, with complementary skills)

b) market (a hot and big one)

c) revenues (a clear model on how to make money)

I am facing tremendous problem in point a "forming a team" , point b and c is not an issue .but I am not able to find a single potential person which could work with me.
its been 1 year and I tried a lot but no success in finding of right people. As per me This is happening because here(in my small hometown) no body with skills would like to stay they all moved or keep moving to bigger town for better lifestyle.
i contacted some of my friend to come and work with me. but nobody is looks like willing to work here.
The people I am finding here are very lame and very less enthusiastic because of which I also start getting bored and slightly depressed here now.

Should I left hope for finding right people and move back to my old job ?
The problem is I keep feeling like , Since its a huge opportunity so I should stick to it anyway ?

or should go back to my old job and keep looking for other idea or business?


asked Mar 31 '12 at 17:38
Michal Fernadis
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if you want to do it and believe in your idea I don't understand why you don't leave your town and move to the city, where all the competent people are looking for a better life style. If you need a team, they have some criteria. On a small town, they usually want a "normal" life: family, relaxed weekends and so on. In the big city, the likeliness is higher to met crazy folks who are willing to work 80 hours a week.

Now you want Rock stars (hate this term btw). it is somewhat unrealistic that you meet rock stars in your town. How many good musicians do you know from there? How many ROCK STAR musicians do you know from there? You get it: its very rare to meet such people in small towns.

For an Entrepeneur is important to not only have the skills; he must be on the right place at the right time. Sitting at a village is not the right place. Go to the city, probably live and at least work there and meet guys on startup meetings, technical usergroups etc.

If I were depressed like you said you are, you'll not be happy if you go back to your old job. If you are not out of money, relocate to the city: do it yesterday.

answered Mar 31 '12 at 18:31
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