is it easier to get funding in California for a start up?


I am working on a SAAS product. One day i would like to grow it in to a business. I am in Ohio. I heard from people that its easier to get funding in California, bay area, sf area. I am planing to go to college in California and staying there for the rest of my life as Google, Apple, Facebook, its the heart of the Tech world. Seems like a great environment. So does anyone know if its easier for start ups to get funding in California other then a state like Ohio Or Georgia?


asked Apr 2 '11 at 07:02
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It is easier for software startups to raise venture money in Silicon Valley than any other place in the United States.

Paul Graham's Ycombinator operation was originally based in Boston and he eventually moved it to California because it was significantly easier for his graduates to raise Angel and Seed rounds in the Bay area.

answered Apr 3 '11 at 07:55
Mike Walsh
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Yeah, it is probably easiest to get funded in California. In fact, many investors sometimes ask you to relocate to California or Bay Area if they fund you.

But getting funded also depends on a large number of other criteria.

Although since you mention moving for the sake of being funded, it isn't necessarily a logical conclusion. People move to be part of the "valley" and not necessarily to get funded. Most people and companies never get funded even if they live here their whole careers.

answered Apr 2 '11 at 08:03
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