How do I evaluate a job offer as a software engineer?


I got a job offer from a startup with about 70-80 engineers. I'm a fresh PhD. I'm getting about 0.01%. What percentage of stock options would be a fair price? They gave me a good base salary upfront, making me feel a little embarrassed to negotiate with them. I know every company is different, and the amount you get varies depending on the maturity of the company. How could I evaluate my stock options, and should I negotiate for more? How could I find out if the company is in series A, B, C, or D (honestly I don't know what that means)?

Job Offer Stock Options

asked Oct 4 '10 at 11:03
Wei Hu
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Just ask them how to get more. Frankly as a business owner I would be happy if an employee had more incentive to make the stock value higher.

Ask them the same question and say the same things.

answered Oct 5 '10 at 09:44
Tim J
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To find out what funding round a company is in I like to use They tend to have fairly up-to-date information on funding rounds--who the investors are, how much they invested, etc... It's not very good about giving real valuations all the time though, you'll have to guess or ask around.

The series are discrete stages of large amounts of funding, usually in the millions. Earlier the series (seed, series A), generally the more risk you take on and the more equity you will receive. After each funding round the investors can take a sizeable chunk, so you will either experience dilution of your shares or else if you come in late, such as a Series C, you won't receive as much equity because hopefully the company has reached more maturity and stability.

answered Feb 18 '12 at 02:11
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