Experience with payment gateway for ecommerce site?


Anyone have experience with ANY of the below payment gateways (some do merchant services as well) that you can comment on:

  1. Payjunction
  2. Authorize.net
  3. Braintree
Looking at these three gateways. Biggest decision criteria in order of priority:
  1. Look and feel of integration into site (do not want redirect)
  2. Cost (we are membership based company looking to scale from 0-10,000 members in yr1). Recurring payment fees seem to scale UP and it can get scary.
  3. PCI compliance (overall security) - we are hosting application in the cloud and want to make sure C.C. information doesn't touch our servers (advanced API integration without redirect)
  4. Service - response times and overall service level

Also, anyone who has experience with strong merchants that would take on "high risk" industries, such as Online Dating.. your comments would be much appreciated.

Thank you everyone.


Finance Payments

asked Mar 31 '10 at 03:40
Scott Blanc
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We've used Authorize.net on 2 e-commerce sites for almost 3 years. We've had absolutely no problems with them at all. They have two options for integration: simple and advanced. The simple integration method requires a redirection to their site. The advanced integration method allows you to make API calls with your own code so you can retain the look & feel of your site.

answered Mar 31 '10 at 04:43
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Most we know who have worked with Authorize.net seem to be happy with them. They have a larger feature set than some of their competitors, and they get online txns better than most. You're right to care about PCI compliance and where CC #s are stored, you don't want to be storing any CC #'s.

  • Dan from FastSpring E-Commerce
answered Mar 31 '10 at 04:52
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PayPal is awful. Their APIs are in continual flux, their documentation is terrible, their support is abysmal, and their sales staff will outright lie to you ("No, you can't do recurring payments at that level, you'll have to upgrade").

Worse still, their offering isn't fully baked. As of 4/30/2010 they don't support taxes for recurring payments, so you'll have to do all the accounting yourself and include the tax in your price. Their test infrastructure requires that you set up recurring payments and then wait for them to fire -- a day later -- to figure out what the actual structure of the messages are.

If you start using them, you'll end up burning a lot of time and making getting away from them a priority. Stay away.

answered Mar 31 '10 at 07:35
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We switched to Authorize.net about 18 moths or so ago. We're saving significant money over are old processor and much more happy with the service. So far it's been great.

answered Apr 1 '10 at 01:42
Keith De Long
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If you're selling subscriptions or re-occurring payments on your site, Recurly sound very interesting. This is their entire business model, so it's in their interests to get the whole integration as streamlined as possible. I'm hoping to be testing them out in a couple of months.

answered Apr 3 '10 at 22:28
Matt O
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Have used Authorize.net for the last 4 years, no issues. Had issues opening an account with Braintree, as any business dealing with anything related to finance or investing it seems, gets more scrutiny.

answered Jul 19 '10 at 15:32
W Wonka
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