How to find drug discovery investors


I own 30% ip royalties in an undeveloped simulated set of treatments for HIV and cancer but I do not have the capital to run the experiments necessary to validate my results. Are there investors for drug discovery and clinical research? If so how do I find them?


asked Aug 28 '13 at 08:58
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  • Why not reach out to the pharama / drug manufacturing companies themselves? Might have to give up a cut of your royalties, but if what you have is valuable you will still be set for life. – Frank 10 years ago
  • @Frank it doesn't work that way. Its not of much value until its passed through several phases. Development, pre-clinical, clinical and then FDA approval all have to be passed which take years before the invest matures and is licensed to drug companies. – Caseyr547 10 years ago
  • Its way out of my ballpark, and most of the visitors here are either Tech or Brick and mortar. I was under the assumption that Manufacturers were the ones who were funding the phases above. Sometimes it might be helpful to try to connect with some sort of industry insiders / liason / mentor which can offer guidance in person. If you can find hard advice go for that first. – Frank 10 years ago
  • There's [MABA](, among others. – Sinelaw 10 years ago

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Yes, there is a whole biomedical investment industry. Relatively few investors (and VCs) will invest in bi-medical investments, because you need so much capital to make it through the long process to get your treatment fully approved and rolled out. Some will.

You are at a very awkward stage, where I would suggest that you go after private angel investors, otherwise known as 'dumb money'. These are wealthy individuals, who are often older, since being older gives you more time to accumulate wealth. Older people tend to be more conscious of health issues and wanting to leave a legacy behind, so a treatment for HIV and cancer would be very attractive to many of them.

Whichever type of investor you are interested in, you will want to put the right team of people together to build out this business. Without the right people involved and working full time, you won't get many investors.

answered Aug 28 '13 at 20:19
Kamal Hassan
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