Where can a find a list of manufacturers of fabric merchandise?


I started a small company almost a year ago now and part of the product is a white sock which is illuminated by flashing LEDs.

I'm pretty rubbish at sewing these things together and this is starting to be a major hold up in the (entirely in-house) production process.

I'd like to outsource this, but what should I search for? If it makes a difference, we'd need something in the region of 50-100 pairs per batch and a batch every month or two. If possible I'd like to get this done in the UK, but if it's significantly cheaper to get it done in another country, that's not completely off the cards.

If anyone has any experience in this area or any specific recommendations I'd be very grateful to hear your thoughts...


asked Sep 28 '11 at 09:07
Jon Cage
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For the volume you're talking about, I suspect that most outsource manufacturers aren't going to be interested or cost effective (when you consider taxes, shipping etc).

I'd look at your local area and see who's available. Chamber of Commerce and Yellow Pages might be surprisingly helpful.

Is this something that someone skilled with a sewing machine could do from home? If so, follow up that line of enquiry too.

answered Jan 26 '12 at 20:54
Nick Stevens
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Over in the UK there is Marketing Webs Group. They spam me every other week offering lists of records for specific industry verticals I might want to spam myself.

There are heaps of others like DBM consulting, CallBox and a big list of others I have forgotten.

Basically if you search google for "Email Database" or "Contact Database" with your specific verticals you should find them pretty quickly ... or you could just put your email address out there and they will find your soon enough. :)

answered Sep 28 '11 at 11:00
Robin Vessey
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