How do I find a technical co-founder for a Web based startup?


I have deep knowledge and experience in a specific industry.

I can identify a web based business model that has been successfully deployed in another industry that I believe would be applicable to my industry.

How do I go about finding a technical co-founder to implement website for my industry?


asked Mar 13 '11 at 08:06
Mike Walsh
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Start attending some local tech events, hacker meetups, things like that.

The best answer varies somewhat by your location. If you're in SF, New York, Boston, A2 or Austin you can throw a rock and hit a likely cofounder. If you're in Green Bay or Boise, it might require a different strategy.

One alternative to consider is to start writing a detailed spec, and then hire some rentacoder's to implement a prototype for you. If you're building something that can be compared to an existing site/service (as your post implies) it makes it somewhat easier.

answered Mar 13 '11 at 22:30
Brian Karas
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Not a huge help, but I found mine by performing a Facebook search of all friends with the keyword "computer science." Sent them all emails asking if they would be interested or if they could help point me in the right direction. One of them helped me out and since we were friends he was willing to screen the potential candidate for me which is pretty crucial since it is hard for a business guy to get a true sense of programming ability.

answered Mar 13 '11 at 12:31
Travis Truett
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Check out the Co-Founders meetup. They are mostly in Silicon Valley but are now expanding into Austin. Even if it's not local to you, there may be others that are looking in your area.

answered Mar 13 '11 at 23:42
Jarie Bolander
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Well it depends on where you are and what your looking to achieve.
Linked in is a starting point, search for the credentials your looking for.

Or you could try the stackoverflow careers which seems to be a good qualifier.

answered Mar 16 '11 at 11:40
Robin Vessey
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if you would like id love to talk to you about your idea.
If its good enough, i can afford to invest into it, and have the technical and business experience to make it a success.

The only catch is, once i know what your little great idea is, chances are i am going to cut you out, and leave you high and dry.

IDEA'S are worthless, so are connections and industry experience!
You need to put your advantages to work while working quickly to fill up the gaps.
if you are serious, you need to expose yourself to as much as possible. (this forum may be a small start).

I would do what Kevin rose did.
Hire a few freelancers (with $$, not Equity)
A smart move is to hire freelancers who are missing a few teeth (seriously)
people that have no personal skills, and could never "SELL YOUR IDEA"
Those that are socially handicapped make secure investments in people to hire when you are not skilled enough yourself yet to overcome those risks.

Be Careful.
Maybe your idea is really the next big thing.
Or maybe its just big enough for you to do great for it personally.

Dont go looking for a parter,
(There are a lot of sharks out there)

answered Mar 16 '11 at 08:18
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