How to find telecommute software jobs?


I am a young software developer with 4 years of experience out of school and looking for telecommuting job opportunities. The position doesn't have to be 100% telecommute and can even require traveling (as a young, single guy I wouldn't mind the travel). How do you find these types of jobs? What's the best resource that will lead to decent, reputable companies? I know I can look up employers on for example. Thanks!


asked Oct 3 '11 at 09:51
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  • Remember that as a telecommuter you'll be competing with offshore talent, too. It's probably best to emphasise your ability to travel. – Jeremy Mc Gee 12 years ago
  • this is a bit off topic here... – Tim J 12 years ago

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I wouldn't expect it to be easy for a relatively young developer to telecommute unless they have some proven expertise in a technology or industry.

Telecommuters can work in teams but more often then not they are working autonomously. They are given projects or expected results but are not monitored all that closely day to day. In order for employers to be comfortable with this you usually have to prove yourself by showing up at the office until they realize there is no point for you to actually come in - or have an awesome past. In areas like Chicago / New York where it is a pain to commute it is not uncommon to get to telecommute a couple days a week. In some of my friends cases they now telecommute everyday.

I don't think there is a specific job board that features telecommuting jobs. I would look into some of the more niche job boards like: and shy away from and the big ones.

answered Oct 3 '11 at 10:09
Ryan Doom
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  • Thanks I'll check those out. – Andrew 12 years ago

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