FREE, ultra-simple online project management tools


I am looking to set up a project management tool to keep track of bugs, and project tasks.

Is there any such thing out there which is completely free?


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asked May 8 '11 at 10:25
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  • How many people do you need it for? – Pate 13 years ago

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Here's an article that has a list of the leading free online Project Management tools:

10 Web Based Project Management Software

answered May 8 '11 at 11:10
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  • I chose one from the list - thanks! :) – Genadinik 13 years ago
  • @Genadinik: Out of curiousity (and interest), which one did you choose? – Lkessler 13 years ago
  • I went with Dooster because they are VERY simple and have an elegant design, and it took me like 2 minutes to get comfortable within their system. So far I recommend it...but may be too simple for uber-planners ;) – Genadinik 13 years ago


I've used Unfuddle for a couple projects and liked it. It's free for up to 2 users, and a monthly fee will allow you to increase the number of users and some other features.

answered May 8 '11 at 11:40
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We use for its being multifunctional (Project Management, CRM, HRMS, Accounting, etc) and that it was designed specially for small-and mid-sized organization, so it has a very flexible price

answered May 14 '11 at 17:16
Mark Spance
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Take a look at Google Apps ... there are various free project management collaboration tools [such as ManyMoon, Zoho, et al] in the Google App Marketplace that integrate directly with Gmail, Google documents, Google calendar.

The Google Apps business is strictly a mass-market sort of thing, so the stuff you'll find there tends to offer be of the lowest-common-denominator ultra-simple variety. Many of the companies offer a more complexicated premium version of their free tools.

Beware the old axiom ... there is never any such thing as a FREE lunch! You need to exercise some caution before investing too much in other free tools ... somebody else is paying, but probably only temporarily ... if the developer lacks a decent way to monetize the product, the company works for a few months or maybe a year or two and then shuts down. As with other Google products, the Google Apps stuff is largely paid for and supported by Google's ad recommendation engine ... the apps in the Google marketplace might still fail, but at least they have some money coming in and should last a teensy bit longer. What is more is that those advertisements that will be amazingly, remarkably relevant to the issues you are working on in your projects ... you may just get a few ads from competitors or maybe insights into solutions that others offer.

answered May 15 '11 at 04:01
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you might take a look on this micropost - There are plenty of comparisons and tools references
Hope it helps

answered May 10 '11 at 17:51
Luis.Nodo Tic
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We use PoP Project ( It's a simple, to-the-point tool which is free for now. You can list project tasks, but it does not have a mechanism to keep track of bugs. It has a large notes area where we embed a Google spreadsheet to do that. The tool is very easy to set up and run. It comes with a Gantt chart, Facebook-like wall, and versioned document upload facility. Besides, it has a neat bucketed structure which helps to section out the work.

I agree with the previous post that you should be careful about the shelf life of such tools. We have been using this tool for a while now. It is very stable, and the company is responsive to our feature requests, so I am hoping they will stay on...

answered May 23 '11 at 03:30
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