How do you get your product featured on Review Articles?


I did a back-link check on my competitor and his product was featured on many authoritative websites.

I've tried the similar approach by contacting bloggers of a free review copy of my product but did not get any result. My product is fairly similar to my comeptitor so if his product can be featured, there is no reason why can't I be.

I must be doing something wrong here. Is this a number game? Should I just cold-email every tech blogger I can find and hope some will pick it up?

Can any PR experts share some experience?


asked Aug 13 '11 at 11:23
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Somethings to consider:

  • Personalize: Were you letters to 3000 bloggers personalized to them and their blog or was it a template? Do you reference specific articles they had written? Do you tell them why your product was
  • Answer Why: Think from their perspective of why they should care-- make sure you answer that question individually for them.
  • Make Yourself Unique: Those bloggers already reviewed a product in your space -- why do another?
  • Leverage Relationships: What prior relationship with the bloggers that you contacted did you have?
  • Make it Easy: What other support information do you have? A white paper? Pre-written articles?
  • Don't Give up: Are they in your CRM and receiving drip communications?
  • Be one of "them": Is your own blog actively positioning you and the company in the target market space?
  • Be timely: Is there anything timely which give a current relevancy to your value proposition?
  • Ask the right person: Many bloggers are now members of media companies and receive their assignments through that association. Have you contacted the brokers at these organizations?

Also something to consider -- Public Relations is a profession. Is it possible that your competitor may have hired a PR firm that had prior relationships and experience with many of the people you contacted?

answered Aug 14 '11 at 03:02
Joseph Barisonzi
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Check these and let me know

Did you follow SEO rules before trying for back links?
How many back links do you have?
Are you able to find your website using domain or your home page's complete name in ""
Have you checked for your website's rank on rank checking tools?
What's your alexa rank?
Have you verified it with TOP list for your keyword?

answered Aug 13 '11 at 11:59
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