How can we get more sales for our daily deal app? (not Groupon clone)


We've launched our group buying app (no, we're not a Groupon clone) for online retailers about 3 weeks ago. Traffic has been okay, and we have a fair number of sign-ups for the trial. We've only had 2 sales so far, despite our low price point.

I was wondering if you guys have any feedback on our app. How we can improve it, how we can better position it, what might make sense that we might have overlooked, etc.

Thanks a lot!

Our startup:

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asked Jan 12 '11 at 17:14
Alvin Tan
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  • Website looks great! Domain name SUCKS! I cannot stand the double UU in the name, and if i recommended it i am sure other would type in – Frank 13 years ago
  • Also, want to make sure your site's background either blends into a solid color, or takes up the whole screen. This is hard to do with 2560 resolution monitors. Might be smart to fade it to a solid color and blend down, or just fame it. My laptop is 1920 pixels wide, and on my screen it crops off the edges making it look less than professional. – Frank 13 years ago
  • We've fixed the background issue, but we're afraid that we've already invested quite a lot in promoting the brand name. Thanks for your feedback anyhow. – Alvin Tan 13 years ago

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The application has been out only for 3 weeks, be patient. What is the conversion rate? how many unique visitors compared to the number of signups? for a product that has only been 3 weeks out there, you seem to be doing OK.

I like the idea, the name and the look and feel of the application. If things aren't moving fast enough, keep making changes to the landing page until you get the desired conversion rate.

Note: There is a typo in the sign-up window... "iterally" I think is supposed to read "literally"

UPDATE : Checkout this video on how to increase your landing page conversions from Unbounce's founder: Good luck!

answered Jan 13 '11 at 02:14
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  • Hi, our conversion rate is about 2% now. Visits -> Trial. Our trial -> sign-up, however, is lower. Our traffic is untargeted so clearly there's a limit to what we can do for the first conversion rate, but we're focusing on trying to convert those already on the trial into paying customers. – Alvin Tan 13 years ago
  • Have you tried to some sort of A/B testing? to see if the conversion rates from visits to trial increases? You can try this by building your own landing pages and/or using services like or Also, I added a link to my answer above that I believe you should look at, very useful in my opinion. – Ricardo 13 years ago
  • Yes, we run A/B tests all the time with VWO. We are actually looking for qualitative feedback as A/B tests, at our current traffic level, would take forever to run. Thanks for the recommendations of Unbounce + Performable, will check them out. – Alvin Tan 13 years ago

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