How do I get traffic to my Ebusiness?


Well, I have a website with a low traffic. How can I get tons of traffic to my website? Please do not say Adword and other things that requires expenditure to get traffic. How do I get free heavy traffic to my website?


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Alright, here we go.

This is how you get 'free' traffic to your website:

Follow Gary Vaynerchuk's example, of, and start posting to websites/blogs, answering people's questions, especially in the comments section. He started doing this by using, which no longer exists, Twitter bought it. So you could use

The main point is that you have to help people first, before they are going to buy from you or visit your site.

Let's pretend this website,, was a fledgling, new site, without the backing of StackExchange. How are they going to get me to come here seeking advice, without putting me off. First they have to go where I go. Then they have to find a way to interact with me without spamming me.

If they come up and say, "Hey, we've got this website where you can post your questions and get feedback from real entrepreneurs and seasoned business people as well as post your advice for start-ups! LINK!" It's most likely that, considering they have NO reputation, I'll ignore them and be a little pissed off because of the spam.

What Gary did, instead, was answer people's questions about wine. He'd give his wine recommendation and would make it a point, in the beginning, to NOT link people to his site. When you do that, people think you're selling to them and people hate being sold to in such an obvious way.

What eventually happened is that people would discover his genuineness and look him up, find his site, and buy a bottle.

Sales, as well as traffic is all about relationships.

The reason I say it's 'free' traffic, is because it's not really free. You have to put in the hours with thoughtful answers that take up your time. You have to do this because you care about the people you're helping. Often, this costs more than it's monetary equivalent.

answered Sep 23 '11 at 05:45
Ryan Chatterton
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Consider an inbound marketing strategy that focuses on providing valuable content that will attract your target audience. This approach has five steps:

  1. Create remarkable content : This means creating content (using a WordPress blog) that your target audience will find compelling enough that they will want to share it with their peers. This could be because it's informative, inspirational, entertaining, etc...
  2. Optimize for search : Make sure that the content you create is optimized for search engines. The most important aspect of organic search raking is inbound links. By creating remarkable content, you're encouraging people to create links to your site. But you also need to engage in active link building tactics like guest blogging, link exchanges, etc...
  3. Promote via social media : Create syndicate your content on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube (product demonstrations), LinkedIn, etc... This will generate inbound links, increase SEO and build a wider audience for your message.
  4. Convert visitors to leads : Make sure you have strong calls to action on your website that direct users to landing pages. Calls to action include things like "purchase now," "download the demo," or "sign up for newsletter."
  5. Measure : Make sure you have analytics installed on your website so that you can measure where your traffic is coming from and (most importantly) what your conversion rates are on those landing pages.

This strategy consistently produces results that are 60% cheaper than outbound (i.e. direct) marketing techniques. However, it does take time to build and audience and generate results. Therefore, Adwords can be a good bridge to ramp up more quickly. Just make sure that your website has well-designed landing pages before turning on the Adwords or you might as well be setting your money on fire.

Unfortunately, there aren't any magic tricks to quickly get free, unpaid traffic unless you can create some form of content that goes viral. But even then, the question becomes how relevant that traffic is to your product or service.

answered Sep 18 '11 at 20:18
Jon Di Pietro
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How do I get free heavy traffic to my website?

You dont. Point.

Chicken / Egg problem. Unless you have somethin a lot of people want, or something that gets 15 minutes of fame out of pure luck, this is like asking someone to get tons of visitors to a little shop on a side alley where no people ever go.

Wont happen.

What you can do is slowly build up.

  • Do good SEO
  • Start an affiliate program

Then add a good email campaign to EXISTING customers and put aside some money for adwords and slowly, over time, you can build things.

Maybe if we would klnow more about what type of site it is we could offer better advice.

answered Sep 18 '11 at 20:08
Net Tecture
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Do social networking the right way. Create valuable and edgy contents. Another thing is make sure you had the right thing in mind and goal before starting a campaign for your ebusiness.

answered Nov 14 '11 at 20:31
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