Traffic has started flowing from Google, but zero conversions.


Where should I begin / what are some strategies to figure out where the problem lies? While the traffic isn't huge yet, it is still a good chunk of daily visits.

Customers Traffic Conversion

asked Feb 3 '14 at 19:59
Matthew Frederick
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We'd really need more details. How much traffic, to what pages, from what kind of keywords, etc. What kind of conversion are you going for? A purchase, account creation, a newsletter subscription?

For some general advice, amount of traffic doesn't matter if the intent behind the search doesn't match the content on the page. If I'm searching for "founding fathers" looking for stories about parents starting companies, I'm not going to do anything when I arrive on a site about early U.S. statesmen. I'm likely to leave pretty quickly, too. Low average time on page (<30 seconds) should be your first clue that there's either:

  • something wrong with the page display on their device (check how your design looks on mobile and other browsers), or
  • a mismatch between search intent and page content

If that's the case, focus on ranking for more unambiguous keywords, or adding words to the keyphrases you ranking for that make the context more clear. Traffic will go down temporarily, but it's only junk traffic that you're losing (which you'll lose anyways as Google learns that people search again after trying your result).

If you're confident your page content is what the search traffic is seeking, and you're certain there are no technical issues, the best approach to improve conversions is A/B testing. See:

Test making the call to action more prominent. Test having more explanation / demonstration before the call to action. Test different value propositions.

If none of that works, you may simply be trying to take them through the conversion funnel too quickly. They may be in an information-gathering phase, and all your site content is doing is selling. Try providing more resources, and focus more on getting them into a channel (email, free trial, etc.) that you can convert from once they've had a chance to learn or experiment.

answered Feb 3 '14 at 21:18
Jay Neely
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  • Awesome! "mismatch between search intent and page content" -- one of the things most of us overlook. – Nishank Khanna 10 years ago


Some more strategies to consider:

  • Lazy registration: let then use your product without creating an account and then bring up a modal to "save their changes" after they've done a few actions. This has significantly raised conversion rates for Khan Academy.
  • Create a guide that users can download by providing their email address. This way you get convert then later on by email even if they abandon the landing page. Capturing emails is the time tested art of creating a business that scales.
answered Feb 4 '14 at 08:43
Tylar Michaelson
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