What are some good SWAG items I should invest in for my product launch?

I'm launching a software product in August and I'm thinking about getting some quality SWAG items as giveaway items for new customers.
I was thinking, for example, about getting some YETI travel coffee cups with my product/company logo and website written on them. I'm thinking this could be a fun way to celebrate the launch of a product and make new customers feel good about their purchase.
But I don't want to buy "silly junk" that will just get thrown away.
What's the popular wisdom here ... what are the swag items that are actually useful and kept and used by customers?
If the answer is "don't bother with SWAG, it's not worth it", please tell me!

Marketing Swag

asked Jun 2 '20 at 14:41
Elliot Easton
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