How do I handle large payments (over $15,000)?


As a side-project to my IT Consultancy business, I have developed a software product which I intend to sell. The URL for the new product is at I am partnering with FastSpring as a payment processor. They charge a reasonable rate and can process credit card payments / purchase orders worldwide.

Now I've just noticed during testing that the limit for payments is $15,000. However, my product is priced between £499-£1249 ($750-$2000 USD) per license and I have a few clients interested in buying a site license. I am wondering how I can process large payments like this.

What is the protocol?

Should I just send them a paper invoice and a SWIFT/IBAN code to do an international bank transfer?

FastSpring has recommended that I split orders into multiples if it goes over the limits. I'm unhappy about this as it looks unprofessional.

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asked Feb 19 '12 at 08:21

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There are a number of questions implied by your your single question above.

  1. First, while Fastspring is a great company (we use them), why would you use them to process a PO? POs are something you can easily do yourself and in the process save yourself 8% of that $15,000! See my answer here for how to process a PO. People sending you a PO do not expect an instant credit-card style turn around of their order.
  2. For payments over $15,000, how you receive the money depends on where you are and where your customers are. If you are outside the US and your customers are in the US, that SWIFT/IBAN code is going to cause you infinite headaches. Many US companies just are not set up to do SWIFT transfers. They would much prefer to send you a US check, which may cause problems for you.
  3. How many companies have credit cards for software purchases with credit limits of over $15,000??? Many companies pay for software with a credit card, but those cards have low credit limits. This keeps employees from charging $15,000 for themselves!
answered Feb 19 '12 at 08:46
Gary E
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  • Gary, I think the answer to your first point is "Because I don't know any different". Based on that advice though I will be deactivating Fastspring PO and setting up my own :) One of the clients in question is US based and I am in the UK. I've used SWIFT/IBAN to accept payments from Japan but didn't realise about the US. Accepting a check may be problematic. Perhaps this is something to discuss with my business bank? – Andrew Burnett Thompson 11 years ago
  • Given your minimum price is still pretty decent, for any client in Europe, definitely issue an invoice (paper or electronic) with the appropriate banking info - I use Tradeshift for creating and tracking such invoices. – Nick Stevens 11 years ago
  • I would **not** dump Fastspring for small orders. $700 - $2000 purchases are easily handled through corporate charge cards. – Gary E 11 years ago
  • Have them send you a check, just fed ex it. Your UK bank should be able to deal with it (clearly ask them first) they will probably charge you a few dollars but not a huge amount. I have deposited US checks in my Israeli bank account with no problem. – Zachary K 11 years ago

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