Hiring a Commercial Office Cleaner


Has anyone hired a commercial cleaner in the past? If so, how did you choose the right cleaning company? What was important for you when looking for a commercial cleaner? Also, what where the things they did to added value for you and your company?

Other insight you can provide into purchasing this type of service would be appreciated.


asked May 14 '10 at 02:46
Jed Regan
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  1. They should be insured.
  2. They should have enough flexibility in their staffing so they don't run out of people.
  3. Early on, I liked getting a phone call/voice mail to let us know a day ahead that they were coming (I wouldn't need this for a nightly situation.). You can always opt out.
  4. Cancelling or changing schedule should be a phone call away.
  5. They should indicate they do some sort of staff screening at the minimum.
  6. * Just tell me if something breaks. I'll definitely fight for reimbursement if they try to hide it.
answered May 14 '10 at 03:22
Jeff O
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  • Thank you Jeff, Great insight – Jed Regan 14 years ago


My wife's experience with hiring this type of service was that in the beginning each cleaner was great, but then appeared to degrade/slack off. That may just be a perception issue though.

I would ask about how they ensure consistent quality over time.

Be clear about expectations and requirements/things to do.

answered May 14 '10 at 06:06
Tim J
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I suggest you have a specific checklist that they check/initial so you know everything has been done. This will help to prevent cleaners from starting strong and then having the amount/quality of services depreciate over time. Also, you won't have to remind them and answer to "Oh, I didn't know if I was supposed to do that." And it's easy to add or remove items from your personal checklist.

answered Jul 19 '10 at 23:11
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