Does our homepage need lots of keyword rich content?


Quick question - Does our homepage need lots of keyword rich content?
Right now, it has only about 60-70 words on it and apart from the Title of the page, our keywords are not really present. All our links point to this page too (more or less).

Do I need to beef up the amount of content on the homepage? we originally decided to keep it light as our SaaS product is supposed to be light and simple to use.


asked Nov 6 '11 at 15:35
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As per SEO 2.0 trends; the homepage should not be stuffed with lots of keywords and of course it is an old approach to target mixed-natured keywords on a single page (homepage) considering it the most valuable landing page.

If you place all the noticeable keywords on homepage then technically your website architecture is not SEO friendly where a bunch of different keywords will fight each other for rankings in SEs and that would certainly dilute the traffic and rankings from SEs. I would recommend keeping the homepage simple by writing up the visionary tag-lines and a precise description that can best define the business or products line. You can further place a video or some interactive screenshots in the header part of the page to support your customers, understanding your business quickly.

However a perfect approach from SEO point of view to value each keyword on its merit and using it as a traffic generating wheel is;

  • Define your best relevant keywords / key phrases
  • Target them separately by creating unique pages for each of the related keywords
  • Use the same set(s) of keywords as the page titles
  • Target the same keywords (used within page title) within very first 200 characters

All these tips will surely help you ranking different pages of your website on targeted keywords in SERPs and you will receive dedicated traffic from more than one source (homepage).

answered Nov 6 '11 at 17:08
Usman Sarfraz
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