LinkedIn recommendations are great, but what can one do with them?


My small business gets a lot of LinkedIn recommendations to my personal LinkedIn account. How can I use these recommendations to my best advantage whilst maintaining the credibility of the nice words being on/in LinkedIn?


asked Feb 4 '10 at 09:31
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At least you can feature them on your own website -- the place where potential new customers will appear. Honest praise from real people who are willing to be quoted in public is powerful and useful.

answered Feb 4 '10 at 11:07
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  • I also agree with Jason, put your testimonials obviously to your website. If you want to gain new prospects it would be much easier if you have got references, because people usually believe and listen's to other people's opinion, when hesitate to take their own decission. – Alena Shechkova 14 years ago


If people are recommending you without you soliciting them to do so, those people are also self-selecting as your best source for referrals. Thank them for their recommendation, and ask them since they were so satisfied with your service, do they know of anyone else who could use it, and would they be willing to recommend you to them?

And +1 to Jason's answer. Testimonials are great, especially when you can show they're from real people by including a name, photo, and link to their LinkedIn profile.

answered Feb 4 '10 at 14:18
Jay Neely
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