How to successfully use a LinkedIn company page?


I created a LinkedIn company page a while back, but never did anything with it. Now I’m considering spending a little bit of time trying to use the company page to create brand awareness and engagement on LinkedIn.

Has anyone successfully used a LinkedIn company page to drive engagement, create brand awareness, or generate leads? What has and hasn’t worked for you?

I found this tutorial on LinkedIn, but I want to know what real outcomes you have had.

Social Media Branding Linkedin Lead Generation

asked Feb 10 '13 at 02:55
Zuly Gonzalez
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LinkedIn's purpose is basically the same as Facebook but on a professional level. The only benefit you will ever receive is if you use it and network, network, network.

Try creating a group and connect with your peers in your field. You will always gather new contacts and industry leads if you actually use it. I have seen too many people comment about how they have a page for LinkedIn or Facebook and they wonder if they should use it or it sits there. You aren't helping yourself by letting anything sit there.

My experience with LinkedIn has been good and I have even debated on creating a group in my field. However, be warned that creating a group is something you would need to manage. The plus side is networking and contacts.

So to out right answer your questions. Has LinkedIn worked for me? Yes, if I spend the time and network, communicate in groups, and search for company contacts in my field. Does my LinkedIn generate leads? I surely would hope so since I see company employed competitors and their HR representatives frequently visiting my page.

I know I may be speaking from an individual level but it still applies to a company level. All business owners have the same goal in mind, and that's to make money and be happy in what we do (or I would hope so). I hope this helps but as I've answered someone else's question about Facebook a few days back still applies here.

You have a free tool, use it, your results will only matter on the amount of effort you put in. Yes LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and the like will always be annoying, but the effort and the purpose is clear. Attention!!

answered Feb 13 '13 at 02:42
Matt 2.0
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  • Thank you for the answer, but this doesn't really answer my question. I'm not asking about LinkedIn in general, I'm asking specifically about their company pages. Furthermore, the question isn't "has it worked", but specifically what has and hasn't worked. I realize that not putting time into it isn't going to produce any results. As I said in my Q, I'm now at a point where I can dedicate some time to it. The question is, what specific things can I do with that time? Thanks. – Zuly Gonzalez 10 years ago


Late 2011, Hubspot did an article titled 11 reasons why your linkedin company page sucks. Most of the points are still valid - albeit simplistic.

  1. It Has No Followers
  2. It's Completely Bare
  3. You're Not Using Company Updates to Share Content
  4. You Have No Products/Services Tab
  5. You're Not Creating Targeted Product Tabs
  6. It Features No Recommendations
  7. You're Not Leveraging Opportunities for Creativity
  8. You Haven't Enabled the Blog RSS Feed
  9. You Haven't Enabled the News Module:
  10. Your Careers Tab is Worthless
  11. You're Ignoring Your Analytics

They also offer a "free" beginners guide ebook on How to Use LinkedIn for Business that may offer additional insights.

answered Feb 13 '13 at 04:19
Jim Galley
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  • I read Hubspot's LinkedIn ebook a while back, but it wasn't terribly helpful. It was pretty basic stuff. – Zuly Gonzalez 10 years ago


I took a look at your website and your LinkedIn page, and I'd recommend adding a "banner photo" the page itself and adding a few more products if you have them.

Also, you mentioned that you didn't find the Hubspot tips all that helpful, but you also haven't implemented the news or blog features it discusses.

What are you hoping to accomplish with the page?

answered Feb 15 '13 at 05:26
Gavin Baker
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  • I didn't say I didn't find the Hubspot **tips** helpful, I said I didn't find the **eBook** very helpful. The eBook gave a broader look at LinkedIn, it wasn't focused on company pages. I've tried using the two LinkedIn plugins for broadcasting blog posts on my personal LinkedIn page, and they didn't work very well. I tried installing and uninstalling both of them several times, and finally gave up. As to what I'm hoping to accomplish, "drive engagement, create brand awareness, or generate leads." – Zuly Gonzalez 10 years ago

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