Is a logo important on first batch of business cards and website?


I just finished building a website and would like to order a few hundred business cards. I didn't have a logo designed but the website is live. How important is a logo to have from the beginning?


asked Nov 26 '12 at 13:58
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  • It would depend on your audience in my opinion, which is not defined in the question. If the business is about your service, say outsourcing, the logo doesn't mind at all. You name and photo is the best identity. – Billy Chan 10 years ago
  • @HerrK is that spam or a joke $230.00 for 1,000 cards? I can get 1000 custom business cards for $30.00 USD – Anagio 10 years ago
  • No it's actually pretty solid quality and decent service, I'm very satisfied with the cards I use. Also you should consider that the quality (of the design and the cards) are very good, the cutting too. Still, it's your choice. It was meant to be as a friendly advice. – Herr K 10 years ago

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At initial stages, no, it is not important until your site and business cards design looks nice. So for business cards, as a startup, don't worry if your logo at initial stages is just a Arial Black or Helvetica Bold font name of your project. Nobody will mind or notice.

answered Nov 26 '12 at 21:39
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  • + so true, im not sure if anyone is even reading the business cards any more. Logo you can change as a early startup. – Mojsilo 10 years ago
  • @mojsilo i've been asked for cards the last couple of weeks, there's times it's easier to hand a card out than have someone put my number and or email into their cellphone. Plus there are a lot of local business which let you put business cards onto cork boards which would help a little with local marketing. – Anagio 10 years ago
  • @Anagio, business cards are useful, but you don't have to worry about logo on them that much. People need business cards so they can find your contact info when they need you or to add you to their CRM if they want to sell you something. – Mojsilo 10 years ago


Logo or not, you want to look professional for the best impression.

Does your website look professional as it is without a logo? If so, fine. If not, add a logo to it.

Whatever you have on your website, you should reflect it in your business card. If you decide your website is fine without a logo, then your business card should be fine without a logo as well.

When you change your website (to add a logo or change style), change your business card at the same time to reflect it.

answered Nov 26 '12 at 14:48
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  • The websites fine without it for now so I guess business cards should be ok for now as well. It looks very professional and of course once I have one created i'll get new stationary. – Anagio 10 years ago


Logo's aren't useful if not implemented correctly. And definitely do not use a generic logo at all.

However, a quality logo that depicts your business can help. So while its not necessary for your first batch, definitely consider getting one soon.

answered Nov 27 '12 at 02:55
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