Should I look for an attorney that is in another city?


I live in Houston, but many of the attorneys that deal with software startups (the type of business I'm involved in) are in Austin. Is it wise to find an attorney in another city to handle business formation, contracts, IP-related work, etc. I know that the attorney can introduce you to angels and VCs if that's the route you want to go, so is their network something to consider as well?

I'd really prefer to hear from people who have been down this road and have first hand experience to share.

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asked Sep 10 '10 at 08:46
Javid Jamae
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  • I think it might be okay as long as he/she is in the same state/province. You probably get more insightful answers. – Bhargav Patel 13 years ago

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I think the most important considerations in selecting an attorney are expertise, complementary personal style, and contacts (ability to make helpful introductions).

If you find such an attorney, location in either Houston or Austin is fine. I have worked with quite a few out-of-area clients; in many cases, we have never met in person, all communications being via phone or e-mail.

Disclaimer: This post does not constitute legal advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

answered Sep 11 '10 at 08:11
Dana Shultz
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