looking for easy video recording tool for video testimonials


We're looking for a quick web-based video recording tool to refer customers to to quickly give video testimonials with when using our website. Something that records video with Flash by accessing your webcam would be ideal.

Any ideas?


asked Nov 16 '09 at 08:25
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If you want to record video directly from your website there aren't many options I could find.
Here are the only two I have found so far:

I may be missing some obvious one because I find hard to believe there are no major players on this field.
The reason could be that there is not a high demand for what you are asking for.
Most video recording from web is done via YouTube or Facebook which have really nice integrations of the Flash video recorder.

I don't think it would be practical to refer potential customers to another site and take the time to record themselves to give you feedback.
Also, I don't see how that would be so much more valuable than just plain written feedback like the one you can get using the now popular GetSatisfaction or UserVoice sites, or just a contact or feedback form on your site.

If you really need to see people faces testing your product I would recommend Usertesting.com which is a way to run usability testing over the web for $29 per 15 minute test. The test session is recorded with a screencast (audio + video) and it is a great way to learn how your customers interact with your product.

However, If there is not a real reason to be able to see your customer faces I would strongly recommend to stick with written feedback.

answered Nov 21 '09 at 08:27
Miguel Hernandez
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I have developed http://userlove.net for this.

You can see an example here: http://userlove.net/products/7 Contact me at aymeric[at]wiselabs.net if you want to have access to the tool.


answered Jan 11 '12 at 09:45
Aymeric Gaurat Apelli
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There are a couple of sites I know of that offer this type of service:

  1. http://www.getbravo.com/
  2. http://www.videogenie.com/
There's also a European company called BuboBox that you may want to check out.
answered Jun 1 '12 at 06:55
Top Alternatives.Com
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