We are looking for EE who can build a prototype for us


We need to build a device that will :

1) read electricity usage in the fuse box and sent it to transmitter in home and then to internet portal. ( similar devices: Alertme.com, onzo.com, www.greenenergyoptions.co.uk) I assume Zigbee between voltage reader and transmitter; WiFi in transmitter. However other options will be also considered (like HomePlug, Z-Wave, etc)

2) device connects with AMI smart meter through Zigbee which have enabled HAN (home-area-network) capabilities. And later send data through WiFi.

3) After analyzing data in internet portal, it send back the device instructions what lights to show (LED probably).

Can somebody advice where we can look for professional who could build a workable prototype?
Or you think its better to find a company-partner to make a prototype?


asked Oct 7 '11 at 20:20
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  • Why don't you outsource it to an engineering firm? – Susan Jones 12 years ago
  • Along the same lines as Susan's query, why not use a service like Elance (www.elance.com) to source the design work? – Ttongue 12 years ago

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What you want to do is not simple and the way to do it varries depending on what country you are in. Each country will have different electrical systems and regulations.

I am an electrical engineer, although I don't do this type of work. It's fairly easy to find a local engineering firm to do this kind of work in the US. But this is going to be an expensive project. What is your engineering budget?

If you are in the US or Canada, this is not something you can outsource to some cheap firm in another country. Your measurement unit will have to meet offical regualtions, get certified, and be tested with hundreds of different kinds of electrical boxes. (Even a few old fuse boxes.)

answered Oct 8 '11 at 00:53
Gary E
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  • Isn't it only the plugs that would be different per country? Assuming you design for worst case voltage and current inputs, and use 2.4 GHz RF (which is free everywhere). Besides the testing you mentioned, why can't it be designed offshore? – Imbrondir 12 years ago
  • No, the rules for electrical boxes depend on the electric code for that country. The US doesn't even follow the exact same standards as Canada does. And **every** state in the US has its own regulations. – Gary E 12 years ago

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