Ways to reach users for product prototype, important part for final product development


We are start-up with limited finance and marketing knowledge. Our product targets end user. Product prototype is ready, now the question is how should we approach the user to showcase our product?

Initially user response is really important, because it gives us direction for further production, development, designing, and servicing.

We have thought some common and basic idea to reach to the users:

  • Visiting users at their place(Something similar to door-to-door marketing). Which is very tough for us.
  • Making pamphlet and distribute in some particular area.(But for prototype its not quite suited)

So stuck at this point, how should we reach to the user?

Note: Our product is not software base product so can`t reach users via internet.

Marketing Prototype

asked Aug 31 '12 at 22:54
Darshan Joshi
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  • Perhaps you could mention what IS your product. And on your last note, even if you product isn't a software, you could still create a website to reach users online. – Frenchie 12 years ago
  • By making website and promoting it. And not making mental obstacles, like you cant make it thru internet. Cars are sold over the net, and why software cant???? – Andrew Smith 12 years ago
  • It's hard to respond usefully without knowing at least what problem you're setting out to solve for what kind of end-user – Jeremy Parsons 12 years ago

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I might propose something that's done in the software industry, but could be easily interpreted for other purposes.

Try using the social networks. Gather there (by facebook ads and adwords) people interested in your product (solving their problem). You will then have more detailed information about their age, sex and interests so you will be able to narrow and choose a target group to whom you should send your prototype and a list of questions.

You could stimulate them by a reward for a completed and sent test like:
- some products that are mass consumed (such as tablets or phones etc.);
- depending on your product it might be good enough to give them (say) 10-15% off the price of your product when (if) it hits the market.

I hope that could work well enough for you. I'd be interested in the results, so keep me posted ;)

answered Sep 5 '12 at 14:40
Beta Sve
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  • Thanks for the help, good suggestion though. And will surly inform you the results. – Darshan Joshi 12 years ago
  • is the prototype able to be shipped to multiple customers or you have just one prototype of the product? Do you have a site for the product? I'd like to see it. – Beta Sve 12 years ago


I would recommend buying some high rated marketing and sales books from Amazon or snag them from your local library. In a couple days of reading you will be able to analyze what strategies will work for you and what won't. You'll need to use multiple angles to design a well rounded marketing and sales strategy.

If your product is very niche, and people don't even know they need it yet I would consider just calling or approaching some initial users and let them know the product is new... you are giving some away to get some feedback and testimonials.

And get your feedback and learn. If your product is good and you pick the right initial users they might be able to help you think of ways to sell it.

answered Sep 5 '12 at 12:38
Ryan Doom
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