Best ways for a software development company to attract US market


My company is an Indian based software development company and i would like to grab works from foreign countries like US and middle east. Before that i need a better marketing strategy. Please consult me with better marketing ideas

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  • For US, have a native English speaker implement all of your marketing literature (or at the very least have one proofread and edit it). In a previous job I was solicited a lot by Indian off shore software development firms and anything with spelling/grammar mistakes went right to the garbage. – Ekoostik Martin 10 years ago

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Your best strategy will depend on many factors, but here are some basics to get you started:

1. Define your target market. The U.S. is not a single market, but many. The Middle East includes multiple, varied markets. So define your best customer in these locations. Who would need your software and why?

2. Prioritize your markets. Once you've identified your target audiences, decide which of them make the most sense to target first. Perhaps you want to pursue the market most likely to yield the biggest profits or the market most likely to generate the biggest sales (these two markets are not always the same) Or maybe you want to pursue the market that will be the easiest on your marketing budget.

3. Develop a marketing strategy for reaching your audience. Do you want to pursue a primarily outbound strategy, such as PPC, or inbound methods such as social media and content marketing? Or perhaps some combination of both.

In my 20+ years of marketing for both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, I've found that many companies spend money on advertising too soon. They get traffic but few conversions because their websites lack depth or don't target the right audiences.

Social media, used intelligently and strategically, can produce quick conversions (actual sales). Used poorly, it will turn off potential customers and, possibly, damage your company's reputation as well. Used indifferently, it will waste time and money. In October, I helped a company convert 1 in 5 of its Twitter followers to paying customers in 30 days. The company had not made any money from Twitter previously.

Organic or semantic search also makes sense in the Hummingbird era. Making your website more user and Google-friendly will drive traffic to your site and keep users there. Avoid old-school SEO tactics as they are more likely to harm than help you.

4. Establish a marketing budget. Spending too many can be as harmful as spending too little. The best strategy for your company will depend, in part, on your budget. It's deadly to run out of funds

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One strategy could be to ensure your representative speaks very fluent English with no thick accents, or at least have a local American-Indian or Indian who has lived here for a long time and can handle being the 'person front' of your business. Funnel communications through that person and that will make the US customers much more comfortable on the day to day interactions...

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The simplest approach is to tie-up with a few companies, which are owned by local Americans and not owned by the NRI/PIO crowd. After all, most of the decision makers paying top dollar, will be native Americans : best that they are dealing with a trusted local person.

Such a tie-up could involve an equity element (i.e. a 50:50 joint venture), or could be a revenue-sharing arrangement.

At a deeper level, a merger with a suitable business could give you equity in the merged entity, and a flow of business as well.

To figure out what is best, would depend on your specifics.

answered Oct 22 '17 at 10:22
Amit Shukla
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