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I have an accounting degree from New Zealand (many years ago!) but have never used it as a qualified accountant here in California just as a business consultant.

I want to get my CPA license and start a CPA firm, any tips on what school to go to get the required courses, online/brick and mortar?

Also once I sit the CPA exam is that it or do I have to be an intern somewhere?


License Accounting

asked Jul 23 '10 at 08:07
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You do have to fulfill CPA supervised general accounting experience requirements before you can sit for the exam. The California Board of Accountancy website and this booklet will answer many of your questions.

Relationships and contacts are really important in this field so I would recommend a brick and mortar school rather than an online pursuit. I don't have advice on a specific institution.

answered Jul 25 '10 at 02:11
Keith De Long
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