A lot of good content but low traffic. Why?


I get around 100K page views per month. I have over 700 articles, videos, etc, but I am not sure why I only get 100K views. Any ideas?

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asked Apr 15 '10 at 00:53
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  • uniques are more representative than page views. You might be even more discouraged if you find out that those 100k page views are mostly by search bots and repeat visitors. – Tony Henrich 14 years ago

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I like your website, infact i think i might be going through it sometime in the future for any future references :) I also like the logo. But I have a feeling i know why you still only generate 100K reviews. I think to do more about it you need to change the look a little, include a pic or two for the front page articles, and maybe change the overall look of the page.

Apart from aesthetics I think what you need is to place Tags, and allow users to place tags as well. You also need to include more ways to share your pages, and not just the 3 you already have in place. Maybe consider placing it on facebook, or digg. Those really generate views. Finally you could also Tweet about articles you like, as well as write blogs in your free time talking about your own views about certain articles.

answered Apr 15 '10 at 07:58
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  • And then maybe later on you can have "likes" and "dislikes" if you dont mind that kind of feedback for your articles lol! – Vnchopra 14 years ago


I also like your investment in time in the site...but don't discount designers. They are paid well for a reason. If you are truly confident in the content on the site then make it more accessible.

This first thing that stuck out to me was the adds, should that be the first thing I see? Pull me in more....tell me why I am dying to visit your site. Why I should come again soon, why it's the best resource for someone who does ASP.NET or any .NET coding. I can tell by your about section on the site your funny, but I don't see that on the main page. By the way I've seen the for Francisco University at about 30 sites in the past week think I'm buying? Probably not.

Your users are like monkeys. If you don't tell them they need something and show them why, and where to click they won't know what to do...or they might find it less appealing.

As above for sure...get digg, twitter, fbook going create an experience. Or if you just want articles tell them that..no fluff no stuff just content....but right now it looks like an affiliate site sorry that is my opinion.

answered Apr 15 '10 at 09:29
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