What would make you quit Delicious?


I have a question - if you're using Delicious what would it take to get you to switch to another bookmarking site?

Full disclosure - I founded a social bookmarking site that launched its beta about a month ago. Obviously I'm biased towards loving my baby and not loving Delicious but I'm genuinely interested in why people are still using Delicious when there are other great options out there.

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asked Apr 5 '11 at 02:24
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  • This should be closed. It is market research for a person/company - it is not a startup question. – Tim J 12 years ago

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I love this question -- it is about adoption of a new solution. It is about the barriers to adopting a new solution from the perspective of the customer experience.

I don't use Delicious. But I am very excited to tell you the reasons why I am not in the active market to switch from the book-marking program I use. I think that they are general adoption points that are immediately transferable -- and part of the challenge for any start-up in this type of space.

  1. Visibility : I like to use a social networking program that other people are suing so that I can maximize the benefit of the social aspect of the program. I like the simplicity of it's logo/icon on articles I read and that I can simply click
  2. Business Stability : I like to store personal information that I would like to use with a company that I know will be around in 6 months, and 6 years. I don't really like to have to change my notes, my password repository, my recepies every time the platform I chose decided to close down, discontinue to sell to someone else. Call me lazy -- but it seems like I have better things to do with my time.
  3. Expandability : I want to know the platform I chose will get better with more features and functions. To this end I prefer ones that have established such a track record.
  4. Integration with my other solutions : Bookmarking is part of note-taking and task management for me. My bookmark solution needs to integrate with the solutions I have chosen in these areas. The social aspect of bookmarketing needs to integrate with the social platforms that I have chosen. If they don't I am creating a new island-- and I am not in the terra-forming business.
  5. No pain : I don't have pain. Change causes pain. If I don't feel pain I am not likely to do something (change social bookmarketing platforms) which has a likelihood of causing me pain. Investing time in learning a new platform and new features and figuring it all out-- that causes me time away from income generating activity and that causes me pain. Until my solution can't do something I need it to do -- well, I am not even actively looking for something else.
An object in motion tends to stay in
motion, and object at rest tends to
stay at rest.

I apologize for the potentially depressing nature of this post to your exciting adventure in launching a new social bookmarking site. I am a fairly early adopter. Inn some areas I am bleeding edge. In others I am cutting edge -- and with others (like Kitchen Utensils and canoes) I am definitely old school. I may or may not be part of your target audience.

From a B2B marketing perspective the above 5 can be generally re-written for almost any new product/service entering a well established market. Doesn't mean that there are not ways to break in -- but that is what a good marketing professional will do and can do.

answered Apr 5 '11 at 03:50
Joseph Barisonzi
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I use Delicious to find interesting specialized sites that have been bypassed by the search engines. I do not use it purely to bookmark. For it to work for me, it needs to have a critical mass of users > than the Delicious base that I can rely on to provide content.

answered Apr 5 '11 at 02:44
Ralph Winters
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Delicious buttons would sit quietly in my Firefox navigation bar and I never had any crashing issue because of them. They do the intended job quite nicely for me.

For me personally I would only install a piece of software(widget,button,toolbar) on my machine if -

  • It has some proven track record
  • provides some interesting angle vis-a-vis my current software (which I haven't thought earlier) and
  • of course in the case of Delicious - as Ralph mentioned earlier - it should have a good enough user base.
answered Apr 5 '11 at 03:55
Ankur Jain
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