Is there any mix from Agile Methodology with Customer Development Process?


Is there any mixed source or book about how to use Agile Development with Customer Development Process? Or with Lean or Toyota strategy?
I'm really curious about it. Thanks

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asked Aug 22 '11 at 04:36
Yogi Zoli
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Eric Ries is well known for mixing Agile with Customer Development to create the Lean Startup process. Here is a link to a slide presentation he created: to the website for his upcoming book: to his blog: and to the book pre-order site where he practices lean startup by iterating on the screens potential purchases see: When you mix Agile, Customer Development and Alex Osterwalder's Business Model Development you get a very powerful methodology.

answered Aug 22 '11 at 06:45
Steve D
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  • Thanks, I knew Eric's staff, it's mostly Lean,I'm mostly interested in CDP with Agile. Also forgot to mention: free sources are preferred. Anyway many thanks your last sentence was really helpful, highly appreciated! – Yogi Zoli 12 years ago

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