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At the moment I'm studying Informational System at my local College and now I'm sophomore. But I'm not really enjoying it because I found out that what I really care and what I really enjoy is Mobile Apps Development (mainly for Android, because I don't have a Mac so, yeah.....). I'm creating small apps like Location Based, Barcode Scanners, Calculators, parsing data (JSON/XML), Camera Apps, some really basic games, etc... I mean, small apps, really, which cannot be uploaded to Google Play Store (or App Store) for it's simplicity.
I'm a self taught Mobile Developer and I've been doing this for about 2-3 years but I though what it would be awesome to make some money from my development knowledge online. I mean, I'm living with my parents and I'm 100% dependent on them. So, it would be awesome if I could make a bit of money like 200$/month or so.
As I said before I'm self-taught and I don't have a team or something like that. I read articles on the internet how small startups making money online with Mobile Apps, so I thought to myself what maybe I can make a little bit of them developing Mobile Apps. So finally, here is the question what I can't answer myself:
Mainly, what would be the best plan for me to start an App Development business:

  • Trying my luck in the App Stores with my apps
  • Developing for freelance work (actually, I found it very tough one, because I was searching for the jobs in the eLance and freelancer, and there are a lot of tough works)
  • Build my own website and trying to get clients with my specific niche work (for example I could only develop Real Estate Apps, or I could only convert their websites and transfer their info. to mobile app....)
  • Maybe you know other possibilities in this area?

Thank you for reading this and I really appreciate any help or maybe more ideas how can I make some money from Developing Mobile Apps.

Mobile Apps

asked Oct 28 '13 at 17:35
Deimantas B
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There are a few freelance sites out there for this type of entry into the field. I.e Gumtree.

I have a few suggestions to help you out:

1. Build a portfolio You will find it much easier to organise what you have done if you have a portfolio for yourself. This could be online on your own website for example, a way of showcasing your experience. This will help you net some clients because you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge and document your experience.

You are going to want to have some examples in your portfolio to get you started, some people might not even consider you if you have a blank portfolio. One way you can do this is to show your personal apps, you don't have to give the code out but just have a way of demonstrating things you have already created.

If you are stuck for ideas for more complex apps then you can browse the jobs on something like Gumtree and take it upon yourself as a personal challenge to take some of the complex parts and practice developing that area.

2. Have an easy way to get code to clients You will probably want some sort of Git repository, either github or bitbucket are two good examples.

This serves multiple purposes, first it allows you to have a source control for your work, not risking an issue with your machine that wipes all of your data.

Secondly it provides you with a way to share code with the clients once completed.

3. Try and fail Last of all you will have to try, and fail, to get clients, without putting in the effort to get your name and work out there you will never get started. You will be rejected, you will have legality issues, you will have payment issues from some clients. These things are inevitable and unavoidable, this leads nicely into my next point.

4. Never enter an agreement without a contract This is the best advice I can offer, never ever ever enter into an agreement without a contract, even for friends of the family. Things Will go wrong, there will be issues, there will be payment issues, having a contract that outlines what your responsibilities are, what their responsibilities are and what the payment terms are are very very important to have documented and signed by both parties!

answered Oct 28 '13 at 23:23
Rhys W
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  • Thank you very much for your suggestions, RhysW. Highly appreciate :) – Deimantas B 6 years ago
  • And.... I have one more question, maybe you, RhysW, can answer to it. I was thinking about one specific niche app development(for example real estate apps, converting clients websites to mobile app or something else). What you think about that? Thank you for your time :) – Deimantas B 6 years ago

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