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I am currently researching e-Learning, and I'm hoping to launch a service similar to Khan Academy in the next year. It would offer learning tools for students all over the world. How should such a service be monetised (i.e. start to make a profit) over time? How feasible is it?

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  • Please read the site FAQ. Your question is too open-ended, the intention is for questions to be specific to a problem with reasonably limited scope. Ultimately, the answers to your two questions form a large part of your business plan. You may well find your question closed down. I would suggest researching this yourself first and posting your findings, then you might have a more specific question(s) and people answering see you've made the effort, rather than that looks a little like "Please write my business plan for me". – David Benson 12 years ago

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There are 2 main ways to monetize an online product:

  1. Advertising supported.

    Pros: Easy to get started with products like AdSense (Google's platform). If/when your traffic gets a steady/high traffic (over a million impressions a month) you could try to sell ads at higher rate or get sponsorship deals.
    Cons: It will probably not be enough to cover the cost of operations in the early years (sorry, yes it could take a few years to start making profit) unless traffic grows fast.

  2. Subscription-based.
    Pros: Users subscribing to service is pretty much proof that your product/service is something needed and users are willing to pay for. This model can help you cover expenses early on.
    Cons: It's easier to grow a business by offering your product for free and getting feedback on the product first. Processing subscriptions will require at a minimum a PayPal or Google checkout and eventually you want to be able to accept credit cards, so that requires some development time.
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