How to motivate experts to contribute to a forum?


We are launching a real estate website with some forums too. We need experts (lawyers, architects, etc.) to contribute to our forums for some first line advice. How would you attract such experts to contribute as volunteers? We do expect a lot of traffic from faithful visitors, because we will offer other services too.

We were thinking of putting up a 'Partners' page with the name and website of contributors who answer at least 50% of the questions in their domain, allowing them to attract customers for their paid advice for complex problems. Any pitfalls in this approach?

Other suggestions to attract and incentivize them?


asked Sep 13 '10 at 05:53
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  • What if contributing to your forum increased an experts credibility on his/her field? – Bhargav Patel 11 years ago

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"We do expect a lot of traffic from faithful visitors" If you can accomplish this, the experts will follow, specially if they have a chance to to do business with your high valuable visitors.

The hard part is to get visitors to the site, once you have that, I am sure the experts will come knocking on your door. I believe you have the chicken and egg problem.

Check this question for some advice on the chicken and egg problem.

answered Sep 14 '10 at 10:33
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  • It surely is the chicken and the egg. Problem is that we're going to launch a press release, which has quite a good chance to be picked up. When we do get lots of traffic in a short period, we risk to get a lot of questions (eggs) and we don't have a chicken to take care of them yet. If the chicken doesn't come immediately then, you know what happens to the eggs. Sorry, I got carried away there... :) – User2387 13 years ago

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