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We are regularly making some screencasts to demonstrate new functionality to our clients.

It would be good to have some nice, engaging background music playing throughout the show.

Are there any free tracks we can use legally?

Screencast Music Free

asked Feb 24 '11 at 20:36
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Check out SoundCloud which is sort of like flickr for sounds and look at creative commons licensed tracks. You can also use the site to connect with artists and negotiate terms of use.

answered Feb 24 '11 at 20:46
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  • -1 because sound cloud BLOWS – Frank 13 years ago
  • @Frank. As long as you're going to vote my answer down, would you mind elaborating? – Zippy 13 years ago
  • Because it blows... its not really a forum for purchasing stock music. – Frank 13 years ago
  • But the question was "Are there any free tracks we can use legally?", it's not about purchasing stock music. Answer seems perfectly reasonable. – David Benson 13 years ago

2 - Best place to find this type of stuff, plus you can contact composers. The creators of the site also have, which is a very powerful site for After Effects templates, which are great for presentations.

Good Luck.

answered Feb 25 '11 at 08:19
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Have a look at ccmixter, It's Creative Commons music.

When selecting your track, pay attention to the license though. Some tracks are CC-BY-NC (non commercial), others can be used also in a commercial context.

answered Feb 25 '11 at 21:05
Filippo Diotalevi
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Jamendo has a huge collection of creative commons licensed music. You can download &/ listen to these songs for free. Do check the license before using any track in your presentation. There's a Royalty-free music section too.

answered Mar 1 '11 at 04:47
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SoundClick has paid and free songs of high quality, just be sure to read the artist's description of what you can do with the music. However, there are frequently artists who give away music, or simply ask for attribution, which you can do at the end of the presentation/screencast.

answered Feb 25 '11 at 00:46
Marcus Shockley
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