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I'm looking for a list of companies who can produce professional screencasts for product tour and help videos.

So far this is my list:

I've no personal experience with any of these, if you have worked with any of these or another please share your own experience in the answers.

P.S. feel free to shamelessly put your own link :) Also it'd be great if you link one of your works.

Marketing Screencast Video

asked Dec 9 '09 at 10:29
The Dictator
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You sure you need someone's help with this right now? Yes, there are folks that kick ass at doing this, and I'm sure some of them are listed here right now. But as a startup, I'd be careful putting much money into this. It's not that hard to use a screencasting tool like ishowu hd for the mac and putting it up on viddler or youtube. We've done it, and it works. Do a little editing in iMovie or the Windows equivalents, and you have a screencast in a few hours of work.

Even 37signals does a lot of their own screencasts and they have a lot more money than most people do to be spending it on having someone else do them: Click that "Watch how fast and easy it is to make a Backpack Page" link. I believe that's one of their employees talking, Matt Linderman.

I would start off doing a few of these on my own, and testing them on my site and blog before I start spending capital to have someone else do them.

answered Jan 4 '10 at 04:06
Nathan Kontny
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  • You do realize that 37signals until recently lived out of the offices of Coudal Partners, a video production studio, right? To say they "did it themselves" isn't quite accurate. I agree with your sentiments though, DIY is always a good place to start. – Kenneth Vogt 12 years ago


The only one I know of is AutoDemo.

answered Dec 9 '09 at 14:33
Michael Trafton
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I'm the cfounder of ProCasts, thanks for listing us. One example for a UK startup would be the homepage demo, they are a UK freelancer accountancy firm.

We do demos, tutorials and tech support videos. I also co-founded ShowMeDo back in 2005 which hosts over 1,000 open-source tutorial screencasts and I'm writing The Screencasting Handbook to teach screencasting to anyone who wants to do it themselves.

answered Dec 9 '09 at 20:47
Ian Ozsvald
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We took a look at but have not used them yet. They do a great job of storytelling with videos and also can do demo videos. I agree with the poster who said save your money unless you're pretty far along. Not cheap to get others to do it and you can likely spend a few hours putting something together for yourself that will get you by for a few months. That's what we're doing and we'll come back and have cantaloupe do some vids for us when we have a bit more $ to throw around.

answered Jan 19 '10 at 00:09
Scott Drake
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You should check out Demo Duck. They specialize in building demo videos and screencasts for websites, mobile apps and software. Demo Duck works with a lot of startups, and you can see some of their sample work here.

answered May 10 '11 at 01:33
Andrew Follett
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Greetings from Planet Nutshell. We're a group of cosmically gifted extraterrestrials who have been making demos, tutorials, and screencasts -- all fancy words for storytelling -- since 2007. And we've been doing it for some of the biggest companies on Planet Earth. Here are some samples for you:

Google Wallet Microsoft Skydrive Learn more at

answered Apr 27 '12 at 00:37
Joshua Gunn
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