Need to create a minimum viable product site quickly


I have a few ideas that I need to validate. Is there any offering that lets me quickly create MVP sites? I'd need:

  1. Website design template
  2. A way to capture user's email address so that they can be notified later
  3. A way to add a few web pages (preferably in ASP.NET) that has minimum functionality (I will be coding this part)

I know all this can be done in a few weeks but I'd rather focus on the core functionality and purchase a service that lets me use precanned templates for design etc.


asked Feb 18 '11 at 12:54
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Theme Forest is a really great site for finding beautiful, cheap front end templates. Perhaps that could be of use? You can usually get this up and running in minutes. Put a Wordpress backend on it, and that's your CMS system covered also. Hope that helps.

answered Feb 18 '11 at 13:04
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  • How would I add core pages using ASP.NET with a Wordpress background? – User3462 13 years ago
  • If it's just a brochure site, why bother with ASP.NET? – Tbaums 13 years ago
  • Its going to be more than just a brochure site. It will have functionality that a user can actually use. – User3462 13 years ago


Try Drupal Gardens Drupal has plenty of community modules with features similar to what you're looking for, though I'm not sure if Drupal Gardens provides that level of customization. Also, it's largely php/mysql based, not in ASP.NET.

answered Feb 18 '11 at 13:16
Henry The Hengineer
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Have you considered using Unbounce?

answered Feb 18 '11 at 13:43
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Unbounce lets you collect emails and has predesigned themes. I haven't used it myself, but from what I see, you can get a landing page about in about 1 hour.

You could also try getting an invite from LaunchRock, which is a landing page service similar to Unbounce, but has a more viral nature to it.

For building your site, use Wordpress and buy a premium theme on ThemeForest. You can get a beautiful looking sales site up in less than a day.

answered Feb 19 '11 at 02:02
Andy Cook
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  • I wouldnt just need a landing page. In addition to a landing page, I would like the users to try out some core functionality which maybe a page or two and will be built in ASP.NET. Somehow I hope there's a way to integrate wordpress, themeforest and ASP.NET – User3462 13 years ago


I would just install wordpress, install the mailchimp like plugins and be done with it. Pick free themes for each one and you will be all set in few hours.

I use mediatemple and servint and both of them have wordpress as one click installs. So I can setup multiple websites in less than an hour. I use blogdesk to add content to each of my sites.

answered Feb 19 '11 at 02:30
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  • This works for the most part. But how would users get a sneak peak of your offering? This custom page needs to somehow integrate into WP unless you redirect them to a different subdomain. – User3462 13 years ago


Looks like weebly, the free website service - - supports See the comment here that looks like it's from someone at weebly -

answered Feb 19 '11 at 13:07
Steve D
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