I need help preparing for a presentation


I've been asked to attend a local institution's meeting, in about a week, to pitch an app to the board of directors. (The app is not complete, but I have the basic framework in place. I'm sort of being rushed into this because the president is a relative and the meeting is happening then anyways.)

I'm not sure about a few thing.

What should I focus on when presenting my app?

How formal should I be?

I'm also in a niche market. When they ask for pricing do I just push it off as "TBD"? I'm honestly not sure.

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asked Nov 18 '10 at 05:42
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What I would do:

  • Ask for guidance about what they want to see beforehand. Then I'd present what I think will address their needs. Don't overdo it - leave them wanting more.
  • I would dress in a way so as to be comfortable.
  • I would say I am not sure about pricing yet.

PRACTICE the demonstration and dog and pony show. Be prepared for questions - even hard questions.

Let us know how it goes.

answered Nov 18 '10 at 06:02
Tim J
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  • Thanks! Will do. – Moshe 13 years ago


Guy Kawasaki has a great article about delivering presentations here. It is focused on presentations to VCs but has some great points for general presentations as well.

answered Nov 18 '10 at 12:12
Susan Jones
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  • this was hugely helpful, thanks. – Tbaums 13 years ago
  • Great! Glad you found it useful. :-) – Susan Jones 13 years ago


Think about who they are, what they do, and their needs. Think about what role this organization fills as a whole, what the directors themselves do, and how your framework can make something in particular better (focus on one tangible thing, and do it really well)

Match the occasion: wear what they are wearing (assuming you can) - but if you appear uncomfortable, then suit yourself professionally.

Do not be afraid to talk about pricing generally ; you want to convey that you know your product has value, not that you are unsure of it's worth. Talk about it in terms that are not completely vague, but allow for flexibility. A cliche comment might be, "I am focusing on creating a scalable framework, as such the pricing will reflect the needs of my client and the investment of time and resources necessary to fulfill their requirements." They likely aren't ready to ask for a quote, but they will want to know you know your product has value.

answered Nov 18 '10 at 08:05
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