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We mainly use PayPal as our payment processor on our website. Of late we're seeing that PayPal is having issues with corporate credit cards. Moreover, going forward, PayPal won't accept payments more than $500 in a single transaction (It's due to our country's new regulations)

So we're planning to integrate another payment processor - let's say XYZ.

We still wish to keep PayPal as our default payment processor mainly because of the low fee involved per transaction (we're on PayPal's preferred rates) and the tight integration we have set up with it. XYZ though very good but it's a new entrant into the market and has higher per transaction fee involved.(almost 2X of PayPal)

Now we're thinking, how best to name these options when we integrate in our website.

We thought of two possibilities


XYZ is not so known so people may be reluctant to even select that. Given that PayPal can also process credit cards, we thought of -


Which option you think would look/work better? Do you have any other suggestion?

Thank You!

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asked Apr 21 '11 at 05:17
Ankur Jain
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We faced a similar problem several months ago with our wyBuild payment selection screen. What we ended up with was a visual selection of the payment option and we defaulted to our preferred payment method (because it gives us the best rate). As of April 2011, this is what it looks like:

Basically it uses a bit of jQuery magic to switch or hide the payment form based on the payment method.

If you're a LimeLM user we're actually writing example code for PHP & ASP.NET (C# and VB.NET) that lets you choose from multiple payment options (PayPal, Moneybookers, and Credit cards processed through Authorize.Net) in a similar form. The user can choose their preferred payment option and product keys are automatically send to the user when the order has been successfully charged. We plan to have this example out by the end of next week.

Maybe I'll also write a blog post about how to do it for more "general purpose" charges -- that is, non-software purchases.

answered Apr 21 '11 at 05:33
Wyatt O'day
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  • It seems you don't process credit cards through PayPal. How will you distinguish these in my case? As you can see in my Q above, we want to process all orders (CC as well as Paypal account) through Paypal except for bulk and corporate credit cards orders. – Ankur Jain 13 years ago
  • By "corporate credit cards" you mean Amex, right? You can't stop users from doing that. However you can prevent bulk order from going through PayPal -- simply remove the option when the quantity is higher than "N" (use javascript and/or filter it on your server). – Wyatt O'day 13 years ago
  • Thanks Wyatt. My question is more on naming and not really on "how-to" implement this feature. "Corporate credit cards" means the cards that are issued by VISA/Master/AmEx in the name of a company's employee due to his/her association with that company. – Ankur Jain 13 years ago
  • You can't distinguish these accounts -- CC numbers are indistinguishable. That is, you can't tell a Corporate Visa from a regular old Visa. At least there's no published way (I'm sure they have an internal system). A good way to "force" your corporate clients to pay through your preferred payment method is to offer an X% discount. That is, funnel them through the payment processor you want. Does this make sense? – Wyatt O'day 13 years ago


Another thing that comes to mind in your specific implementation is that if you can know the amount before the payment types are shown, you could skip offering Paypal as a payment option on sales over a certain amount. It would probably be good to have a link like "Why isn't Paypal an option?" on that page.

answered Apr 22 '11 at 02:56
Kenneth Vogt
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  • The amount will be > $500 if someone wants to buy >= 2 units of our products and 'units' option will be only available to them once they leave our website and get redirected to either PayPal or XYZ processor. So answering your question - No, we don't know the amount before the payment types are shown. – Ankur Jain 13 years ago
  • @Ankur, you can use a quantity field on your website (even for PayPal). See our wyBuild payment page. Set a quantity, click the PayPal option, and click "Place my order". The quantity will be set on the PayPal payment page. You can also remove the option change the quantity on the PayPal page by removing the "undefined_quantity" hidden field on your checkout page. – Wyatt O'day 13 years ago

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