Obsessive thoughts making me a "under performer"


This is more like a behavioral problem. I always want to start a business. Since this feeling increasing day by day, I am more obsessed in my day job(software Engineer).

1.I have few startup ideas that are not innovative.

2.But i have the ability to start and consistently run the business.

3.I feel i am not fully utilized in my day job.I have changed companies and worked in different roles and still same feeling.

4.I have a mortgage and a loan to pay and it makes me obsessive with money.

5.All the time i am thinking about different startup ideas and business strategies and i am not able to concentrate on work.

6.Finally now i am 23 years old, decent reputation in office but i want to quit the job and start a business so i can work for me and grow it exponentially.

7.I have a asset that may help for investment in business but i am confused in which business i should get in.

8.I have a experience of running a partnership firm for last 5 years its no more into existence since all partners are in job.

now, finally.. I want to start a business and quit my day job. its running 24/7 in my mind. I am obsessed , angry all the time since i am not doing it. What is the solution for this !?

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asked Apr 9 '13 at 19:09
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Have you spent any time thinking about the risks? I think Eric Ries and all of the Lean Startup people are on to something. Their focus is on the uncertainty of starting a venture such as you describe. You can be fairly certain about the technology involved in getting an idea to market, but until you actually try it, you won't know about market acceptance. Stay where you are, try a small thing that costs little and makes some money. Try to change it in a way that costs little and makes more money. Iterate and measure. Repeat that process.

answered Apr 10 '13 at 00:48
Jack Rodenhi
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  • I loved your answer @jack , I already started trying, buying a imported product and selling , its going good ! Thanks.. – Codebrain 10 years ago
  • Congratulations! I also have my little project that I hope to take to market. I have been getting to the edge and stopping and now, I want to do just what you are doing. Try a little thing and get results. – Jack Rodenhi 10 years ago
  • i believe some startups may need complete attention where you have to quit the job and go on. Few like what i have may be started with the job i think. I am importing high demand electronic goods from china and sell it to wholesalers. My first shipment arrives 25th of this month! Whoohoo Read this : http://paidtoexist.com/the-number-one-reason-you-will-not-quit-your-job/Codebrain 10 years ago
  • Run with it! That's great. The paidtoexist website looks pretty exciting, too. After a tough tax preparation season, I am ready to experiment with my program. It has saved me money and made life easier for some of my clients. Now I have to find out if it would do the same for other people. – Jack Rodenhi 10 years ago
  • It would :) Good luck ! @JackRodenhi – Codebrain 10 years ago

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