Can one be prosecuted for issuing blank receipts


I am running this start-up with a couple of other guys and we often write receipts manually and the mode of payments for our shops are not electronic.On a number of occasions,i have had customers asking me to not to write anything on the receipt so that they can write the receipts themselves and present them with the businesses or institutions they represent.

We do issues big receipts and i am concerned that some our customers may be writing inflated figures on the receipts and presenting them to the enterprises they represent.It gets very awkward when issuing refunds to goods returned and the receipts do not reflect our selling prices.

Does my case constitute return fraud?.


asked Mar 3 '13 at 04:02
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Wow, this sounds like nothing but trouble.

If there's a remote chance there could be a refund, I would absolutely recommend you filling in the price and keeping a copy/scan of the receipt.

I would get ticked if the receipt said $X and you gave me less. It leaves me wondering who is trying to defraud me.. my employee that I know and work with or the vendor who I don't know. Unless I'm already suspicious of the employee, you will be my default choice.

(Cab drivers rarely fill in the amount but considering it would be improbable if not impossible to get a refund, that seems like low risk to them.)

answered Mar 3 '13 at 07:05
Casey Software
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I'm afraid your counter-parties might be involved in tax fraud, and issuing blank receipts is a criminal offense in many countries because of that. I advise strongly against it.

If in your country you have to collect VAT or sales tax, then its a definite problem for you.

answered Mar 3 '13 at 15:59
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