Options needed for a startup with unique ability to re-create live musical ensembles


I'm a newbie building a startup using my unique skill set to re-create the sound of professional musical ensembles without synthesizers or MIDI. In the industry, this is unprecedented and will save clients thousands.

I plan on raising revenue by: (1) Building an online cart with Royalty-Free production music and (2) Producing music specifically for film, TV, multimedia projects etc.

Question : Since it will take thousands of songs to compete with other Royalty Free sites, is there a smarter route to take the company?



asked Jun 7 '11 at 07:30
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  • welcome to the site and good to see your having a go. Can I suggest you make it easier for people by asking 4 seperate questions. Copy paste the first part as the intro and then ask each question. Different people have different skills and can then focus on the aspects they are capable of talking about. – Robin Vessey 13 years ago
  • Thx Rob. I'll go ahead and do that. – Gregarious 13 years ago

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if your technology IS REALLY that ground changing, do not open a royality-free site. instead PATENT the technology and offer it as a LICENSED SERVICE.

as for marketing, i'd go with:

pick a famous, well know, song (or more than one) - which can showcase the FULL capabilities of your technology and show it PROMINENTLY (think: apple.com home page) on your site.

answered Jun 7 '11 at 19:51
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  • thx again @b0x0rz I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I can't patent what I'm doing. Let's just say my situation is comparable to actually finding a way to make money using "Ctrl+C" in Microsoft Word haha. But yes, marketing ideas are brilliant. Thanks so much! – Gregarious 13 years ago


Well not knowing a whole lot about the new music industry ... it sounds like you are building "yet another one" sort of site.

What is going to make yours differenet, what is going to make yours unique?

Really given your second point what you want is vast amount of new contribution to 1 so that your site becomes the obvious choice for 2.

If thats the case you want to build a community of contributors of 1 (or use a license which says its free unless you fall into the 2 catagory).

So, if you can get a bunch of musicians to contribute their songs under that license which may end them up with an advert to TV show using their work then you could really have something.

Especaily if you enable artists to be features and then they can self promote on other sites using a feed from your site (like and RSS feed that can push out to Facebook every time you release a new track) and so it automatically distrbutes them ... with links back to the source being your site.

Additional bit : the money.

Your real money would come from targeted advertising or the like. You would advertise your site as you will only take 10% (or something) when they are used by a cat 2 prospect. Your cashflow would come from volume traffic to the site.

Also ... allow a way of having people easily say "I sampled from this one over here" so that you can start to track the chain of usage ... then you have a rule of your site that a percentage (say 20%) of royalties should be split amoungst the various samples to make it fair.

answered Jun 7 '11 at 10:35
Robin Vessey
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  • Thanks for your time and response, Rob. I will look into your suggestions. And you're right! The royalty free site idea has been done a million times over and doesn't feel like the right forum for my ground breaking technology. It's like I know I have a Ferrari in my hands, but the only place to showcase it is at a Motel 6 parking lot ^^. If I can't let the music technology itself shine, I don't see how I can show how what I'm doing is any different! -sigh :) – Gregarious 13 years ago

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