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I've made it to the second round of a business competition and now need to pitch an e-Learning concept to a panel of judges in order to secure funding.

The idea is fairly unique and involves creating a social network on which users from all over the world can create content and enrol on accredited courses which will lead to real qualifications free of charge. The emphasis is on community involvement and sharing.

Can you make any suggestions as to what my focus should be on during the pitch in order to get across my idea effectively? I would like to make an positive impression in the three minutes I have been given.

Thanks for your time.


asked May 30 '12 at 10:45
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A good way to start is to explain very clearly which problem your startup is solving, why existing solutions are inadequate and why people will want to use yours.

Then make your point by telling an imaginary human story in which your platform solves a problem for two or more people, or even better, put them in the story. This will make them experience the benefits and involve them emotionally.

Rehearse, act confident and smile. Remember that your task is to make a lasting impression, not convince them that the idea is perfect - they need to buy you first.

Good luck!

answered May 31 '12 at 05:14
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