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I am part of a startup that offers accommodations across the world. We are hoping to hire a PR firm that has experience with startups (and knows digital marketing clearly).

Does anybody have suggestions of a good one to speak with?


P.S. If we end up engaging this firm theres a bounty for ya!

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asked Jun 5 '10 at 00:46
Jim Shook
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Assuming you can afford a PR agency (say $8K/month for 6 months minimum), here's a simple way to find the one for your space (you seem to be in the travel space). Look up your competitors and similar businesses. Find their press releases.

Write down the names of the PR agents mentioned at the end. Repeat for a while. Notice a trend? Call the one you identified and talk to them.

Then think again and make your decision.

answered Jun 5 '10 at 04:03
Alain Raynaud
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  • Can I vote twice please???? – Stefanos Tses 13 years ago


In the past we've engaged with PointBlank. The contact there is Aaron Wessels.
They're a small firm which is ideal for a startup in it's early stages.

aaron wessels | principal | point-bl_nk communications

Currently we use SpeakerBox, which is good when you're volume starts to grow and you need to increase your reach. They have a good grasp into the social media scene.
You can talk to Stephanie or John.

SpeakerBox Communications
Stephanie Stadler Wonderlick [[email protected]
John Terrill [[email protected]]

Hope this helps

answered Jun 8 '10 at 02:34
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  • Thanks Mike, will shoot them an email.. – Jim Shook 13 years ago


Here in Austin Josh Jones-Dilworth has a boutique firm which caters only to startups. He used to work at a high-powered PR firm so he knows that world, but now he's an entrepreneur himself and wants to stay small and focused.

Tell him I sent you.

answered Jun 6 '10 at 02:32
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  • I wanted to take your advice and so checked out the website for Josh's firm @ It's a logo and nothing else. No content. I checked out his blog and that didn't offer much insight into what value he can delivery. Do I have the right website? Thanks! – Warren E. Hart 13 years ago
  • Just spoke with them yesterday actually and definitely got a good feel. Thanks for the tip.. – Jim Shook 13 years ago

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