I have a product--how do I distribute?


I have a product that I would like to distribute through National Retailers. I have already found it a success in local markets (craft shows, fairs) however, I am thinking about increasing the quality of the product, outsourcing the production, and branding it.

The only problem I have is: how do I get in touch with buyers and how do I entice them to carry my product?


asked Nov 8 '11 at 15:21
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Preparation work:

  • Workout your wholesale rate by volume. Some buyers will take 100s, others may take 10,000, they will both ask for "a deal" ... have these answers ready or you may sign a deal which sees you loosing money (or may loose the prospect because your too high). Start with 3 or 5 "levels" of bulk buying and work out your costs of production and distrobution + your margin at each of these 5 levels. This is the key bit of homework.
  • Have a written set of rules around resellers, it doesn't have to be complex just "your allowed to sell to X region" if your sales exceed Level 3 we can discuss extending your region ... you are exclusive to this region.
  • Are they allowed to sell your product over the internet? what are the rules here?
  • Is there an RRP (Recommended Retail Price) you set? That resellers have to work with?
  • Contract. Are you going to have a formal reseller contract, if so get the above clear in your own head then take it to a lawyer to formilise.

Finding Resellers

  • Setup a basic website, profile your product, state you are looking for resellers in specific markets.
  • Turn up to trade shows with samples of your product. You don't have to take a stall, you can just wander around and show people out of your backpack to start with.
  • At the stalls you sell at now, put up a sign saying you are looking for sellers in 'other areas".
  • Start attending the type of markets that will expose you to a wider audience ... country markets will typically attract locals and some city people, major city markets will attract overseas people ... its these you want to be infront of.
  • Look on meet-up and other websites for events around you where you can meet others. (or start one)
  • Tell people you know that you are looking, there is a resonable chance they know someone that might be interested.

Good luck.

answered Nov 8 '11 at 16:36
Robin Vessey
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  • +1 Comprehensive answer Robin! – Susan Jones 12 years ago
  • Along with the RRP, consider defining a minimum price. Otherwise competitors may keep driving the price down in order to compete. – Mike Nereson 12 years ago
  • +1 on the preparation list. Good job Robin! – Joseph Barisonzi 12 years ago

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