What is a realistic amount of time given to a pre-seed,pre-product startup by advisor?


As many of you may know advisors can be key to a new startup, esp. with first time entrepreneurs.I wondered, how much time have your advisors say over the last month talked to you? My advisor (as many others are) is super busy with selling a company right now and is on travel every other week...something that wasnt the case when we started together ~ 2-3 months ago.

The problem is - he is punctual for our meetings on skype or in person, but when it comes to responding to emails lately - i havent heard in over a week since i last sent him an email - and he is yet to respond.I do see him come onto gmail...through gmail chat, but he never responds.I wondered are my expectations say within a few days realistic in terms of response? Is this guy just too busy for my startup with his own life/startups or what?

A bit about me: First time entrepreneur, we havent signed docs yet formalizing any equity but we have discussed he will get a little (1-3%) eventually.

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asked Jan 30 '13 at 11:55
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No two advisors are alike, so it is unlikely there is only one answer.

The best thing (since you mentioned the advisor is offered equity) is to meet up to discuss your expectation and his/her availability. The advisors I had when I started (and I am an advisor myself nowadays) set expectations for our time commitments especially if there is equity involved.

As an entrepreneur, you're also expected to manage (investors, advisors, employees, customers) and set expectations in addition to everything else (identify opportunity, segment market, develop business plan & budget, seek funds, etc etc).

Good luck with your ventures.

answered Jan 30 '13 at 12:37
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