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Are there resources for startup ideas online? I'd like to get started in this world, and from what I understand, an idea isn't worth much. I have great people and means for great execution. However, a good idea could take some time to get.

Are there any resources online that offer ideas for startups? I figure that sometimes people might want something in particular but don't have the means to execute it. I'm looking for those people and ideas.

And what are the risks of using those public ideas? There is the obvious fact that every other startup could also be working on it by having found the idea at the same place. What other problems might exist?

I am mainly looking for ideas related to technology, but I have people of various domains so anything works.



asked Oct 19 '11 at 03:34
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So you only want someone to provide you the idea? Are you looking for that person to provide anything else? marketing? biz dev? sales?

If you only need an idea, I would first explore "warm" niches close by, for example, find niches which you or your family/close friends are familiar with, and see if there is any niche problems that can be solved using technology. Internet solutions are still relatively un-saturated, especially if you look into areas that are highly specialized.

answered Jun 17 '12 at 06:08
Cloud Mark
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What are your reasons for wanting to start a company? What are the long term goals for the company? What are your personal areas of expertise?

I think it is best for you to find a personal or apparent need in an industry that you are very familiar with and try to solve that problem. It is important that it is something you can personally relate to so you can understand the product and customer base from the target customer perspective. You should be passionate about it because you are going to invest a lot of time, money and resources getting something off the ground and it may fail.

Using other people's ideas is fine I suppose, but unless you can really connect to it and envision the future of the product and iterations, you should be careful. You may find yourself with a product and have nowhere to go from there.

answered Dec 19 '11 at 10:12
Manuel Alarcon
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If you have great people and great execution then you are in a very good position to do well. I wouldn't go looking for other lists of ideas as there is a good chance they are not so good. If they were good, either the author, or one of the many people that looked at them would have had success with it.

I would suggest find something you are interested in, and have good domain knowledge of and go for that. If you can execute better than what is already out there, you have a good chance of success.

It would be a mistake to go with something you don't have a passion for, startups are a lot of hard work, and they have many ups and downs. If you are working on an idea you don't care for so much, it will be very hard to stick it out and actually launch something.

answered Oct 19 '11 at 12:18
Joel Friedlaender
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