How would you sell a development team?


Is there a site, or resources, for a development team in need of a start up?

I'm in a bit of a odd situation here, in that I built a development team of 6 people for a privately funded social networking start up. The owner's circumstances changed quite abruptly while we're mid development on the product. At this point I'm facing the prospect of the team breaking up. From my perspective, we are a highly functioning development team that enjoys working together. I would like to attempt to keep the team together and move us to another start up.

So, I guess i'm asking for advice. Has anyone every tried to sell a small development team intact? How would you go about it? Are there sites or resources you can recommend?


asked Sep 12 '11 at 23:58
E Barr
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Can't you just finish what you were working on?

I don't think you can sell a team exactly, but maybe you can form some kind of partnership and pitch for work, or even brainstorm some new startup projects to work on.

answered Sep 13 '11 at 02:06
Steve Jones
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  • I appreciate the sentiment, but some the reality of paying bills probably prevents this option from working. – E Barr 11 years ago


You might try job boards like,, etc. and bid on some larger projects. There might well be projects which could use your entire team.

In my experience, there are always people in need of talented developers. That said, distinguishing yourself from those in a looser team will make a difference to some clients.

answered Sep 13 '11 at 02:07
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I'll say as you still are together instead of breaking the team go look for some projects, there are couple of sites where you can bid for projects and as you said you have good talented people that love to work together then discuss this situation with them, might be someone from team come-up with a different idea of startup and you can work on that.

answered Sep 14 '11 at 02:38
Safran Ali
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