Can I sell SAAS product with no (or very limited) customer support


Can I sell SAAS product with no customer support. We have small utility which we can sell to customers at small price, but we do not have people to support it. If we tell customer upfront when they buy this tool that there is no support.. is that fine ?

Customer Support

asked Dec 2 '12 at 05:31
Prashant K
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I think you shouldn't.

First the following metaphor: let's say big saas web apps are complex cars, and your small one is a bike. For sure you can't sell a car without support in case the car has a problem. For a bike, you can consider selling it without support because a lot of people can repair a bike. But a lot of people can't! All these people won't buy your bike, because they'll know in case of problem you won't be there.

Here come what is called conversion (converting people willing to buy your product to people who will actually buy it). You'll have a low conversion rate in case people know they won't have support in case of problem - and in fine you won't have a lot of sales.

At last, a very important consideration speaking about saas: be sure people WILL have problems. Too many browsers, too many OS, i'm pretty sure you didn't test every environments, just because it's a lot of work in itself.

So no you shouldn't!! As BrianAdkins stated, some great products exists on the market to help you have a descent support system. He cited zendesk, another one is UserVoice. Get an account on one of these, and spend a few hours to make a knowledge database that you will feed time to time with new users feedbacks. You'll see a huge difference in your sales.

answered Dec 2 '12 at 12:28
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  • Would like to add that support is something you can potentially upsell as well. Make it an option and see if users will pay for it. – Ben 11 years ago


You'll find out, I guess...

I'd at least set up a support email address to yourself and possibly an email form.

Support doesn't have to be expensive or hard...get a cheap zendesk account and use it to develop a database of answers to the questions you get. Soon people will be able to find the answers themselves and you'll get valuable feedback to help you improve your saas product.

answered Dec 2 '12 at 06:49
Brian Adkins
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Since you are offering a service, it makes sense to have great customer support. Having a great customer support will mean that you will maximize customer retention and get more customers because you're current users are happy where they are and tell their friends. Having your business validated by a customer means much more than self-validation or validation from your friends, loved ones, or investors.

It is okay to tell the customer before hand that you will be providing no support. I suggest however, you try to add even a least bit of support such as FAQ.

answered Dec 3 '12 at 02:36
Bhargav Patel
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I'd say "yes" - mostly - but only if you do ALL of:

  • Have an extremely high-quality product (as close to zero known bugs/issues as you can get)
  • Have a well-tested, simple, and fool-proof on-boarding flow
  • Have a support contact just in case the above two items aren't quite true
  • Make it crystal clear that support is extremely limited - and that if users have any issues with the product, they should simply cease using it
  • Have a no-questions-asked, easy-to-request, money-back guarantee - and mention this prominently/repeatedly as your prospects become paying customers

I believe if you do all of the above, you'll be just fine with near-zero support.

answered Dec 4 '12 at 07:53
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