How to set Revenue Targets for startups. Need some tips.

We are web development startup company. We have come across two successful years and to move on to the next stages, we found that having targets on the revenue and working towards the revenue is the best option.
We are technical guys and we don't have good experience about the marketing strategies and executive plans. To make my question clear, I have given the details of what we do and we have planned to do.
  • We are developing web products and selling them online.
  • We have in-house product development team which involves majorly on product development and it's customisations.
  • The team has 15 developers.

The actual problem: We would like to set monthly revenue target from sales and customisation of our products. How to set this target? It should be based on the whole expenditure or per team or per developer?

For instance, this month we have got a revenue of around 10.000$ USD. Our expenditure is almost the close to the revenue. The profit is just 8% which is about 800$ USD.

We know this is not a good profit ratio at this stage. So we planned to set some target on monthly revenue, based on our monthly expenditures.

Our monthly expenditure includes developers pay cheque, rent and other necessary needs.

In this case, what percentage we can define as a targeted revenue per month.

Please advice. Thanks in advance.

Revenue Target Monthly Revenue Profit Plan Revenue Structure

asked Apr 25 '15 at 14:21
Arun Andiselvam
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Revenue Target Monthly Revenue Profit Plan Revenue Structure