Revenue Models and advertising revenue


I am new to making/managing websites. Infact, I haven't even dipped my toe in yet.

I have an idea with a potential client base in Millions(education related).

The content is being provided by a team of specialists on the subject.

We plan to:

1- Make a part of the websites(videos) absolutely free.

I am wondering whether this in itself can make us some ad revenue and how to figure out potential revenue.

2- After the videos, the content and one-on-one interaction etc are a selling point.

3- Potential ad clients: Schools, colleges, study abroad centers etc.

This part I am not completely sure about. The number of people coming to the site will be a factor or the number of subscriber base?

I don't have the funds to start this venture on my own. I am looking to get the numbers in place to start working on the funding part.

I hope someone would be willing to help get me off the ground on the above points.

Most important among all this is can a education based video website be run just on ad revenue without revenue from any other source?

Please help with your wealth of experience.


Advertising Revenue Video Costs Education

asked Nov 25 '13 at 07:07
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Advertising Revenue Video Costs Education