'Best' revenue sharing models for the web?


Although not running a charity, I like the moral/ethics surrounding revenue sharing business models, as I am socially aware, and like the idea of sharing money meritocratically amongst those who helped generated said revenue.

Has anyone got any links to useful articles/ideas on good revenue sharing models that can be adapted or applied to web business (including mobile web)?

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asked Jun 19 '10 at 18:54
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  • @david: sharing ownership in the company based on merits is a novel idea - but it could potentially be a legal minefield. Any legal persons out there want to point out how to explore this avenue further? – Morpheous 14 years ago

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I feel like I am beating a drum, but this is another case of looking for an affiliate program.

In terms of articles I would search affiliate marketing. Off the top of my head, I can think of some people who cover the topic: John Jantsch http://ducttapemarketing.com Joe Jaffe (Flip The Funnel, a book), Andrew Chen http://andrewchenblog.com Chris Brogan http://chrisbrogran.com/ Also, Dropbox has done an amazing job describing their referral system (which, I would technically consider an 'affiliate program')check out the presentation here http://www.slideshare.net/gueste94e4c/dropbox-startup-lessons-learned-3836587 Programs come in different shapes and sizes, just as your product or service. Just make sure that you measure your customer acquisition cost --and make sure there is ample room for a profit!

answered Jun 20 '10 at 05:37
Jeff Epstein
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  • I believe that affiliate programs are just one form of revenue sharing. Just to show that it is, think about sharing ownership in the company based on merits. – David 14 years ago
  • Sure, it depends how you define revenue sharing and an affiliate program. There are many similarities, and all affiliate programs are essentially forms of revenue sharing. I agree that not all revenue sharing are affiliate programs, however, if the 'sharing' is based on the 'merit of generating said revenue' it sounds a whole lot like an affiliate program to me. Just my perspective. – Jeff Epstein 14 years ago

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